Pallet rack features

Pallet rack also called beam racking . It is the kind of rack use pallet to access the goods.

Compare with drive in rack, the storage density of pallet rack is not so high . But it has low restriction for goods specification .So pallet rack is widely used. The pallet rack height can be extending unlimited in theoretical.As well know , the automatic warehouse is using pallet racking structure , the height normally in tens meters or even hundreds of meters high.

Unlike drive in racking follow FILO principle , the goods access of pallet racking is flexible. You can pick up goods flexibly and not subject to the stock state.

the pallet racking also in low restriction for goods specification. Unlike cantilever rack, it suit for long items. The pallet rack can stock any goods in any size. The goods stock on pallet and load and unload by forklift. The structure of pallet is quite simple , the upright frame and beam are the main components.

The pallet rack suit for the warehouse that stock variety of goods or in different specification. It is the main choice for manufacture company .



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