Mezzanine floor

What is mezzanine floor

Mezzanine floor also called Multi Tier Racking , Steel Platform. It is suitable to the warehouse for industrial enterprises such as mechanical ,chemical as well as electronics .

Many customer want to use racking in their warehouse. But may don’t quite clear about his actually requirement and use wrong racking. In some warehouse which suit to use mezzanine floor, but client used pallet racking . Not only resulting the increased cost , but also effect the actual storage efficiency.

What is Mezzanine floor , and what is the meaning of their basic storage ? As the building or floor we daily see , mezzanine floor has the aggregation of pallet racking and platforms extension . It is open make it better in storage adaptability. The Mezzanine floor made up of main part in platform and racking as a sub part. Or made up of main part in racking and the platform as sub part. The different design made according to the goods quantity and composition.

mazzanine floor

mazzanine floor

Structure of Mezzanine floor

Normally, we use heavy duty pallet racking or long span shelving as support structure. Then use different kinds of floor . The combination makes the basic racking system. Clients can storage the goods directly on floor without racking . And also can add racking on floor to meet different requirement. The mezzanine can be in big area floor or small area floor . And according to the loading design and the racking used , there is difference between the medium duty and heavy duty .

The floor normally in cold rolled steel floor , the pattern steel floor or the steel grating floor. In recent years, cold-rolled steel floor has been widely used. It has the advantages of strong bearing capacity, good integrity, good load uniformity, high accuracy, smooth surface and easy locking. There are many kinds of options. It is easy to match lighting system, and access and management are more convenient.

Features of Mezzanine floor

As a new type of platform+racking storage system .The mezzanine for has feature of a good access . In general, they can be made into two ~ three tier in order to optimize storeroom space. In particular, it has a good advantage in the access to small pieces and light bubbles. This racking system is suitable for manual storage. In daily warehousing activities, goods are usually transported to the two and third floors by forklift trucks, hydraulic elevators or cargo staircases, and then transported to a certain location by light trucks or hydraulic pallets.

As a new type compound storage system, the mezzanine floor has more fully played the advantage of the shelf storage and the convenient use of the nearest stock under the platform. Moreover, the establishment of racking system makes full use of warehouses and all kinds of objects that may be used. So that this seemingly complex storage system can give full play to its own characteristics and serve better for the warehouse.


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