The present situation and development of China’s racking industry

China racking industry started quite late. Due to international mature technology and market requirement, it has stepped into a steady rise period of development. And benefiting from the characteristics of China’s processing economy and population market, the development potential of the racking industry is huge. However the overall quality of the industry needs to be improved.

China racking industry

China racking industry

The China’s racking industry has benefited from the following conditions: import:

Foreign businessmen brought racking technology. China’s reform and opening policy continuously attracts foreign businessmen to invest and build factories in China, increase capital and expand capacity, bringing about the continuous expansion of racking demand. The first racking enterprise has trained a number of local racking technicians staff and racking sales staff.

2,the demand of the industry:

After China’s entry into the WTO, all industry should be in line with the international standards. For example, the state requires the pharmaceutical industries to carry out GMP certification, that is, the standardization of warehouse management. We must use racking, pallets and other warehouse supporting facilities to ensure hygiene, safety and efficiency. All industries realize the third profit source logistics of the enterprise in different degrees.

After several years of development, the storage and racking industry has formed a certain scale. The comprehensive analysis has the following characteristics:

1. storage shelves market, sales and production develop in large scale

In recent years, the demand storage shelves industry is getting wider and wider. Especially in the automotive, home appliances, books, medicine, retail, food and refrigeration industries, the demand for storage shelves is increasing.

2. the application of new racking expand

In recent years, 80% newly built automated warehouse storage racking are about 20 meters high. And the combination storage rack has become the leading structure of high-rise storage shelves. The application of welded storage shelves is decreasing. In order to adapt to the storage of special goods storage storage shelves, antistatic storage shelves, the application field is also gradually expanding.

3. the internal work of the enterprise is generally enhanced

Nowadays, the enterprises attach great importance to the design and calculation, the internal quality and the quality of the storage shelves, and pay attention to the marketing work. Some enterprises continue to expand reproduction. Shin’s advanced equipment, personnel quality, R & D and innovation capabilities and scale of enterprises continue to grow, which greatly enhances the production capacity of the entire storage and shelf industry. In order to enter the international market, some enterprises have tried international standards to carry out international standard certification.

4. user needs tend to be rational

In the construction of logistics center in tobacco commercial circulation, the construction mode of the logistics center, which is composed of automatic sorting, yards, stacking, high storage shelves and rail stacker, has been adopted. The storage area of this model has high utilization rate, high degree of automation and information and good security. It is suitable for the economically developed central city.

5. the price trend of steel affects the profit of the enterprise

In 2008, the price of steel was basically on a smooth rise.  And the large market of storage and rack Market increased. From the tender offer, contract signing to material procurement, it usually had several months to go, and the part of the price increase would be deducted from the profit. Therefore the surface of the warehouse production enterprise appears red and red fire, but the benefit is rather poor.

6. low price competition and its hidden dangers

In recent years, the low price competition in the storage and racking market is becoming more and more intense. The production of storage racking must stand up to the test of time and load. Low quotations can only disrupt the normal price system and eventually drag down the enterprise itself. In order to guarantee the healthy development of storage shelves market, low price competition behavior should stop!

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